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Spring – Summer 2024

Ulla Wiggen, born in 1942 in Stockholm, began working as an artist in the early 1960s. Her initial paintings focused on computers and circuitry. Today, these themes are ubiquitous; however, at the time, Wiggen’s technical-looking renderings appeared unusual. In 1969, she shifted her attention to figurative representations of the human body, producing portraits sometimes set against natural landscapes. Over time, psychotherapy became central to Wiggen’s life, which she began to practice following her studies in psychology. Wiggen resumed her artistic practice in 2013 in the wake of an exhibition at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Since then, the subject of her paintings has been organs such as the heart or brain. In 2016, the human iris became a central theme in Wiggen’s work. The Fridericianum honors the work of Ulla Wiggen with a retrospective exhibition.