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Thursday, Jun 6, 2024, 5 pm – 6 pm

For the Fridericianum series Interventions, artists develop site-specific works that activate, accentuate, or transform previously unused spaces and visitor transit areas of the museum, beyond regular exhibition spaces. These works include wall paintings, outdoor sculptures, and sound installations that remain on display for an extended period of time, with some becoming permanent features of the building.

Once a month, art educator and designer Roland Knieg invites those interested to a guided tour specifically focusing on these works of art. In the month of June, the tour ties in with the many parades, parties, and protests that take place on the occasion of Pride Month and point to the concerns and problems of the LGBTQIA+ community in order to take a stand against discrimination. The tour highlights artistic positions that address the topic of queer identity. One of them being artist Karl Holmqvist, who is known for his text-based art. His work The Pink Triangle is currently on display at the Fridericianum. Among others, it refers to members of the New York based AIDS activist group ACT UP who searched for a symbol that would express their affiliation with the gay and lesbian liberation movement.

Roland Knieg designs spaces. After his training in carpentry, subsequent academic studies in product design and architecture as well as years of practical experience in designing objects and spaces that focus on people, he now creates interpersonal spaces that open themselves for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, inspired by a concept of social sculpture.

Participation fee: 3 Euro.
No registration required.
Language: German.