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Keren Cytter: “Object”

Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019, 6.30 pm – 8 pm

Introduction: Moritz Wesseler, director Fridericianum
Subsequently: Lecture by Keren Cytter (in English)

In her videos, drawings, and performances, Keren Cytter (born in 1977 in Tel Aviv) explores the influence of the media on the fabric of society. On the first view her aesthetics reminiscent of home videos are suggestive of the documentary genre, but this impression is quickly undermined by the work’s absurd plotlines, an artistic use of language, and an experimental narrative style.
As part of the DokfestForum the artist will showcase her film Object. In three acts, one female and three male figures demonstrate the power structures and the abuse of power in heteronormative, patriarchal societies. The archetypal actions are characterized by seemingly casual violence, nudity, and sex.

In cooperation with the Kasseler Dokfest, this year’s DokfestForum is offering screenings, artist talks, performances, and concerts that broaden the festival’s thematic focus on the intersection between art and film. The practices of the invited artists, hailing from Israel, Switzerland, Turkey and Russia, stand out with their individual approaches to the medium of film.